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Fireflies, Fire Flower and Flying Bird

I dug up my old sketchbook from when I was still in elementary and decided to color some of my sketches that are still recognizable.

Here is the first one in what I hope to be is a series of posts regarding my childhood.



I live in a province so birds and plants are very common. I guess that is why most of my drawings in my sketchbooks are about landscapes, animals and plants.

I don’t think I’ve improved much in terms of drawing ability considering I stopped midway through high school. Maybe I’ll tell the story behind why I stopped drawing and writing at some point in my life in futures posts.


Something New


Last Saturday I went to a bookstore and saw these very cheap oil pastels for kids. I’ve always wanted to try drawing with something other than pencil, charcoal and watercolor so I’ve decided to buy them. Luckily they were very cheap. The 12 colors set I bought was only 45 Philippine pesos which is less than an American dollar if you convert it.

The picture above is the result of my first attempt at painting using oil pastels. I’ve initially intended it to be the Aurora Borealis but halfway I realized that the concept was out of my league so I’ve thought of making something else. Having already spent more than an hour, I was hesitant to throw it away and thought it would be nice to finish it and transform it into a rose. Yes, it is a rose! I am aware that it looks like a flower that’s undergoing a major identity crisis. I’ve realized this when my friend said it was beautiful a gumamela flower and another mistook it for a rafflesia

Gumamela Flower (image source: wikipedia.org)

Rafflesia Flower (image source: wikipedia.org)

Regardless of what others might say, I’m really happy with what I’ve done. Honestly, right now that my head is cramped up with jumbled data about things like human anatomy, pathogenesis of diseases and the like, I’m just happy it didn’t turn into something too morbid to post.