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After Storm

After Storm

This is another one of my childhood sketches that I decided to color.

I guess I was kinda into being a seaman when I was still young.


The original drawing is in a really bad shape as you can see above but I think I wanted to portray a stormy night.

I’ll just have to say sorry to my child self for now because I don’t have the ability to do a stormy weather yet. He’ll just have to be satisfied with a sea after a storm as it is the only thing I can do now. Maybe in later years I can give justice to the imagination of little ‘ol me.

Oh, and comments please??

If you want to see my other drawings or larger versions of drawing I’ve already posted here on wordpress, visit my devieantart account at  http://jianzafra.deviantart.com/ or add me on facebook by searching for my name, Jian Zafra.


Fireflies, Fire Flower and Flying Bird

I dug up my old sketchbook from when I was still in elementary and decided to color some of my sketches that are still recognizable.

Here is the first one in what I hope to be is a series of posts regarding my childhood.



I live in a province so birds and plants are very common. I guess that is why most of my drawings in my sketchbooks are about landscapes, animals and plants.

I don’t think I’ve improved much in terms of drawing ability considering I stopped midway through high school. Maybe I’ll tell the story behind why I stopped drawing and writing at some point in my life in futures posts.

Slowly but surely


This butterfly is my second work using oil pastel. I’m still practicing. My friends liked my first work more and I think I do too since it took me more time to finish that one. Still, I’m happy with the result. Check my previous post and compare which one’s better.
I’m planning on trying to do somewhat of a collection to challenge myself in drawing with rules and concepts. I’m torn choosing between Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Asian Myths as a concept for my following drawings. I hope I can choose immediately because my midterm exams are just around the corner so I’ll be pretty busy. Well, we’ll see how this new hobby of mine will work out.