It’s been so long since I last held my oil pastels. I need to learn how to use them again and buy higher quality materials while I’m at it. My fingertips hurt so much just by doing this simple exercise.


2 thoughts on “Withered”

  1. Thing is – this is a good design and emotionally evocative and involving. It moves into expressionist territory – which I love and is much neglected these days. Your work is genuinely engaging – not just saying that!

    1. Thanks. Though to be honest, I wanted to try my hand with expressionism thinking it was easy but I was very wrong. I originally intended to put many elements but later found out that in expressionism most things are not what they seem and trashed so many ideas.

      In the end, though still happy with the outcome, I was only able to produce this picture. Hope I can produce something better next time I venture in expressionist territory.

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