Ming the cat

Everyone in our house loves dogs. There was even a time when me and my other three siblings had one each.We always had dogs for pets as long as I can remember so, maybe, you could just imagine how my family reacted when my youngest brother brought home a female kitten, a very sick one to be exact, seven years ago.

My mom told my brother to return the sick kitten back to the streets as she had very bad experiences with my grandmother’s cats. Mom told us that they steal food from the table, can’t be trained and ruin clothing.

After so much drama which included my brother crying outside our house for a long time saying my mother had no heart, we ended up keeping the kitten.

At that time, we didn’t want to name the said kitten. In our community, cats are known to leave and never come back from their owners’ houses so we clearly didn’t want to get attached. Though that was our plan, it was hard to treat it like an object while we nursed it so we naturally nicknamed her Ming.

We didn’t expect much from Ming. Everyone assumed her to die within days and we just wanted her to feel comfortable before it happens. She was really sick and barely ate but she fought bravely and after a few weeks, she was able to run again.

Ming was simply a huge bundle of joy. She would chase after the most random stuff, hug our feet for no apparent reason and was so clingy that she cried whenever she was left alone.

If you’d exclude the scratching of curtains and bedding, she wasn’t anything like how my mother generalized cats. She had her own spot in our backyard where she pooped and never climbed on top of the table to snatch food and she even solved our rat problem which costed us two refrigerators already. My mother and sister didn’t like how she would leave headless rats and birds at our feet whenever she killed one which was rather cute in my opinion.

Because of our good experience with Ming, we started adopting more and more cats. It didn’t turn out to be a good idea though. She turned out to be very possessive and even got sick when she wasn’t the center of attention anymore because of the new cats.

That was when she became really attached to me. We spent more time together because we both enjoyed looking at my aquariums and birds. Everyone said that she was just waiting for the right moment to kill them but they were wrong. Ming is one of the smartest animals I have ever met. Though she often hunts down wild birds, she doesn’t hurt my parrots who freely fly inside the house and would even defends them against feral cats. It’s as if she naturally knew what was important. I even strongly believe she understands my emotions and does things according to them.

The moment I went to college and, eventually, medical school, Ming and I never lost our bond even though I only visit every three months or so. Whenever I’m home, she still prefers to sleep and spend time with me rather than my with my mom and dad who takes care of her now. I didn’t expect that because most people say that cats only remember something for seven days.

I’m writing this blog because as I called for her earlier when she was on the second floor, she missed the balcony and plummeted to the ground with a loud bang. She didn’t move for a few minutes and the thought of her dying scared the hell out of me. She really is a dear friend who I would mourn for days.

She’s okay now. As a matter of fact, she’s currently in my lap as write this.

PS: I’m trying really hard not to show her the contents of this blog as she might feel conceited and self-important. No, just joking. The truth is that I don’t want her to look at the computer in fear she might learn how to use the computer for world domination.


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