Picking up the pieces after a storm of failures

Fear is a very common emotion. Everyone has their own fears and people who say otherwise are either lying or just haven’t come out of the uterus yet.

There are many things a person may be fearful of. As a matter of fact, things to be feared can be anything under the sun. The most harmless existence something is to someone can be the opposite to another.

This year 2013 hasn’t been very good to me. It’s been a constant failure after another in everything I have done so far.

Sometimes I wonder what life will throw at me next. And it dreads me to think that my next failure would be from something I really love.

These past few weeks, to pick up myself from ruins, I finally mustered enough energy and confidence to try and self-publish my very first book, ebook to be precise. I’m still in the final stage of editing and every mistake I notice is another anxiety building up.

I fear for the things yet to come, the results of a venture where I know many failed. But I will push through with every bit of strength I have and invest even more heart than what I’ve given most things in my life so far.

I fear for the things yet to come and I hate myself for it but what I despise more is to see myself stagnant and stay the way I am now.

This is probably make or break for me but no matter what happens, no matter how much I might break after this, I’ll just make and make myself all over again.

After all my failures so far, I haven’t given up in a single one so why give up now?


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