Vermillion Bird of the South


In Asia, most countries divide the heavens into central, northern, southern, western and eastern mansions. These mansions contain different houses or constellations and are ruled, according to mythology, by 5 heavenly beasts.

In the picture above is the Vermillion Bird of the South, also known as Zhuque in Chinese, Suzaku in Japanese, Jujak in Korean and Chu Tước in Vietnamese. It is the ruler of the southern mansion of stars. It is different from the Phoenix in a way that the Vermillion bird is a spiritual being that watches from the heavens while the latter is assumed to have a physical body that undergoes an endless cycle of rebirth every 100 years.

I decided to draw the Vermillion bird because it embodies the element and will of fire, and knowledge. My midterm exams are scheduled next week so I’ll be needing lots of will and knowledge. Go me!


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